Shoe Fitting

Take Care of their feet

The majority of children are born with perfect feet. Unfortunately a large percentage of adults have problems with their feet. Wearing ill fitting shoes at early stages in life can be a large contributing factor to this. A child's foot is most vulnerable from birth to early teens. The 26 bones in the foot are very soft and can be easily damaged. Squashing our kid's feet into shoes that are too small can place pressure on the bones and misshape them. Similarly, shoes that are too big will cause the child to claw in order to hold the shoe on. In both extremes the foot is prevented from natural development and movement.


“Do not put your children’s foot health at risk, have them professionally fitted”

  •   Always get your child's feet measured by a qualified shoe fitter
  •   Qualified shoe fitters may be able to detect a possible problem at an early stage
  •   The fitting gauge is only a guideline or starting point. What the gauge states and the size you end up with may very well differ
  •   On average it takes 20 minutes per child so make sure to allocate enough time. Try to avoid a time when your child is tired
  •   Get your child's feet checked regularly. He/she may not need a new pair of shoes but it is good to keep an eye on growth
  •   We would always recommend that children get as much barefeet as possible and when wearing shoes they are good fitting supportive shoes
  •   The shoe you like may not be the shoe you end up buying. It depends on what best suits your child's foot
  •   Buy shoes that are suitable for the occasion
  •   Maintain your child's shoes. They won't polish themselves and will benefit from a little bit of TLC